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Uppdrag i engelska v. 5

Write how it is going for your english goal. Do you feel  that you develop? Does your buddy ask you questions and support you? What is your plan to reach your goal? You can write in english or in swedish.

Skriv hur det går för dig med ditt engelska mål. Känner du att du utvecklas? Frågar din kompis dig frågor och stöttar dig? Vilken plan har du för att nå ditt mål? Du kan skriva på engelska eller svenska.

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25 kommentarer

  1. Jag tycker att att det går bra med mitt engelska mål. Jag känner att jag har utvecklats lite iallafall. Min kompis brukar komma lite då och då och frågar hur det går med mitt mål och om jag börjar bli bättre på det.

    Min plan är att titta på engelska filmer utan svensk text. Eftersom att ett av mina mål i engelska är att förstå engelska. Sedan så tänker jag även att jag kan gå in på kimstudies och göra olika övningar där eller prata lite engelska hemma. Eftersom att mitt andra mål är att prata mer engelska.

  2. My english goal is that i want to speak more english but also be a little bit better in listening, so i can understand english better. Right now i dont feel that i got much better but i want to be better in speaking, so i think i got to speak more english when it is the subject english and a little more english at home. To be better in listening i want to look english films. First i want to look some with swedish text and then i will look without text and if i understand more, i have been better. My buddy did not ask my so much questions but sometimes we do some of the speaking exercises on kimstudies.
    The deadline of my goals are on 14th of may and in the begin of the summerbreak.

  3. Mitt engelska mål är att bli bättre på läsa engelska texter och läsförstålser. Jag tycker att det går bra med mina mål. Jag känner att jag utvecklas mer och mer. Vi testade en läsförståelse för åskus 9 och det gick relativt bra. Min kompis gör det som vi bestämt, som att skriva på engelska till varandra och prata mycket med varandra.

    Min plan för att nå mitt mål är att göra läsförståelser och att skriva t.ex. meddelande på engelska. Jag gör läsförståelsen oftast på kimstudies och på andra sidor. Men även på papper som vår lärare get ut. Jag tycker det är lagom nivå på den svåraste på kimstudies för mig. Lagom text och lagom svåra frågor.

    Jag har detta målet till 12 juli.

  4. My english goal is to develope my vocabulary. I will read books and right now, I am reading the script for The Cursed Child.
    I have learned more words yes, but I want to learn a lot more. My buddy is asking me questions some days a week, so yes she is reminding me.
    My plan to reach my goal is to read 10 minutes each day. It is quite funny to read english books, but sometimes, is it kind a difficult.

  5. I have changed my english goal a lot, espesially about how often I am supposed to do a video. I have decided that I am supposed to do a video once a week instead of every day. I realized that my video was not that good that I had expected, so instead of doing a bad video every day, I am doing a good video once a week. Sounds good?

    Another thing I have changed is that I am not supposed to shift between the two english accents, british and american. Instead I am talking the same accent I am talking normally in the whole video.

    As you know I got two english goals. The first one with the video thing works pretty good actually. About the other thing, looking on Stranger Things without anyone swedish texts I have not started yet.

    Doing a video every week on english have develop my english a lot. In speaking I could know use more words and senteces. As I said before I have not watch Stranger Things yet but instead I have watch a lot of series on english. I mean, it is little boring to watch Stranger Things again because I am a big fan and have watch it a several times allready.

    I think that my buddies have forgot to remind and support me, but for me it does not matters. Honestly I am doing it fine on my own and I always got the goal in my mind so I think it is impossable to forget.

    About plans for reaching my goals I have not anyone. First of all I think that it does not matter which serie I watch on english so I think I take another than Stranger Things. So about that goal I think I am supposed to keep going in the same speed of watching series I am doing right now, but I do not know if that counts to be a plan.
    About the video thing I keep going like I am doing right know, once a week and I am pretty sure I do not need a plan to reaching that goal.

  6. My English goals is reading and writing. I want to better in reading so I can understand more english. Writing is another thing I would like to be better in.
    I started with the goals around 2 weeks ago. I have not practiced so much yet, but little. I have not develop so much but it works well. My buddy have not asked me so much questions, but we have just started. We have asked each other some questions about our goals.
    What is my plan for my goals?
    My plan is to get started with writing and my deadline is 3 of April. I should write some stories and different texts. After writing I should practice in reading, my deadline for reading is 12 of June. I should read different books and increase my vocabulary. I should even do reading comprehension and answer questions about the text.

  7. My Englishgoal is speaking. Its going good whit my goal. Yes my Buddy are support me. My way to learn English is to speak whit my mom. My plan to reach my goal is to talk so much English i can whit my friends and my parents.

  8. My english goal is writhing and reading. I think that it is going good with my goals and that I am little better at writhing that I was. I have also reading and it is going good with that to.
    My buddy is asking me about it often so I do not forget to practice my writhing and reading. I practice my writhing at home and I am reading English books sometimes. The deadline of my English goals are on 12th June so I have quite a long time left so I do not need to be stressed about it.

  9. lockigachokladen

    29 januari, 2018 at 18:10

    My English goals are reading and listening and so far I think it’g going pretty well for me with my english goals. I have already makes some excerianses for my goals and it went well.

    My plan right now for reading is to do many difficult reading comprehensions to be better at understanding english. I also want do do other things to develop even more, like doing the challange of the week every time it’s about reading and listening and I also would like to get some excerianses from my teacher.
    When it comes to listening, I have a hole different plan. I am mainly going to read difficult books with difficult words because I want to learn more difficult words to develop my ” word-storehouse”. I also planed to maybe do some other thing but right now i honesly don’t now what.

    I know that my buddy has asked me at least one how it’s going with my english goal and we have talked about it and I told that it’s going well. Does my buddy support me ? Yes, because that person including ask me about how I feel with my english goal and how it’s going with my english goal.

    I don’t really remember when I put my deadline but when that day come I wish I have learned a lot. A lot new words and that I am going to understand more difficult texts.
    I think that would made the next grades in school easier for me that it would be otherwise. That don’t means that I am going to chill at the english lessons in the next graders. No, that would just make it easier for me to lears more new english.

  10. My English goal is going very well I think. I haven’t work on that so long time but I can see that I’m developing. My goal is to be better to hear people who is talking to me.

    How I can see that I ’m developing is that I listen to a podcast for a few weeks. That podcast were for grade 7-9. I don’t understand so much. But now a few weeks after I understand the most of what they said.

    Me and my friend ask how it goes some times. My friend haven’t asked me so much and I haven’t to my friend. We haven’t ask it so much but I think we maybe haven’t came so long with our goal yet. Maybe about some weeks we have come longer and we can start to helping each other with more sophisticated things. I think me and my friend needs to better to ask how it goes.

    To reach my goal I think that I just are going to listen to people who talking whit each other. Listen to podcasts and looking on movies with English speaking and English subtitles. Just listen to English so I can understand every dialect that is spoken in an English speaking country.

  11. Jag tycker att det går bra med mitt engelska mål. Jag har väll utvecklats lite. Min kompis brukar komma och fråga hur det går.

    Det jag har tänkt att göra är att prata mer engelska hemma, men också att läsa engelska texten högt för någon. Mitt mål är då att prata mer engelska. Jag har även varit inne på Kimstudies och gjort övningar som finns på tala. Så jag tycker att det blir bättre för varje dag.

  12. My English goal is to read and understand more English words. I think that if I learn to understand texts better I would feel that English books is so much funnier, so if i take more time to that both at home and in school I think I will be better at this. To be better in reading I think I should read more English books. First I think I should read pretty easy books and then go harder and harder. I think that I has learned much already.
    My buddy is ”Parontypen” . Right now we has not asked each other so much about it but we should do it time for time .
    The deadline of my goal is some day in April I don´t have the exactly day in my head. I hope I will be better!!!

  13. Jag tycker att det går bra med mitt engelska mål. Jag tycker att jag har utväcklats ganska mycket, men jag behöver öva mer.
    Hon har kommit några gånger och hon stöttar mig. Min plan är att öva mer hemma, och vara inne på kimstudies och öva.
    Mitt mål inom engelskan är speaking.

  14. I have Speaking and a think a have learn more about it. Me and my family should drive to USA, but I don’t now when, but then a should learn more then.

    I learning more and more so I think I should be better on it.

  15. Sometimes my friends ask me how it goes with my English goals and I think it is going well. My goals are the speaking and listening parts. One of my friends has the same goals so we usually work together, which is a very good exercise.

    The listening part is not going so good, my friend and I are going to look at an English series without Swedish subtitles. But we have not started looking at it yet.

    I think I am going to succeed with my goals and I am probably going to get better for every exercise I do. Even though my friend and I have not started with the series I think I am going to learn the listening part in the speaking part because I need to listening there as well.

    As I said before, when you do the exercises many times you will learn more and more for every time you do them. This will lead to a difference in both my speaking and listening part in the end of the term.

  16. I think it’s going quite good with my English goal. I think a lot about my goal in English, how I could be better and why I will be better on the speaking part of English.

    My buddy is Maria and she doesn’t ask me so much about my English goal, but she is learning me so much how I am going to say the words and how I am building up a sentence.

    I think I should talk more English at home and talk with my parents so they could help me a little bit to reach the goal I have in English. I think it is pretty good that I am talking English to a bigger group of people, because I am quite shy when it comes to speaking to a large group of people.

  17. I think it’s pretty good with my goal in English. I had two goals, one in writing and one in speaking. In speaking, my goal is to speak English with more fluency. In writing, my goal is to develop my vocabulary, and also get a little better on some grammar.

    But I actually think I’ve developed in both of my goals.

    But I can not really say that my buddy reminds me and supports me.

    My plan in writing is that I write weekly what I’ve done during the week. I’m not going to write the worst Bible because then that text would never get ready. My plan in speaking was that I would speak English every morning. But I have changed that goal because I’m always so tired in the morning and then I forgot. But I have not really come to a new level, but when I’m home, I usually sing songs that I like (usually in English) because I do that I speak in English. But I do not really know if that matters.

  18. Jag tycker att det går ganska bra med mitt engelska mål. För att jag jobbar ganska mycket med att skriva.
    Jag anser att jag utvecklas ganska mycket med att skriva i skolan för att vi jobbar ganska mycket med det.
    Ja, min kompis stöttar mig med mitt engelska mål.
    Jag har som plan att fortsätta kämpa med att skriva och att bli bättre på att skriva mer.

  19. Jag tycker att det går mycket bättre med mitt engelska mål för att jag har lärt mig mer ord och jag har fått mer förståelse för engelska texter. Jag har jobbat med alla min mål men mest med tala då jag och en klasskamrat har gjorde många olika övningar bara jag och han men ochså några andra. Jag tycker att jag borde lära mig ännu mer i engelskan men att också repetera det gammla så jag inte glömmer det och det kan hjälpa mig när jag lär mig något nytt

  20. My english goal was speaking because i am actually realy bad at it. 0ne day i want to have the chance to talk to a english man and i hope he will understand what i am saying to him. I think im doing really good we have a special day in my home and when we have that day we will only talk english and i think everyone in my family needs it.

  21. I Think i have a long way to go to complete my goal in English. For now i need to train so i can be better at it but i have bigining better. i have deveploy i have been ok at it. my goal is to talk and write good as a real person from Amerika.

  22. I have a goal in everything. But I want to focus on reading the most because I feel like that’s the thing that I need the most. I have developed pretty good because I talk and read much English at home andI use as much time as I can on the goal lesions we have. And on writing and speaking is the one that I am the most ready for because I have it easy on those things. I want to be better at the reading activities and be so god as I can be.

  23. Jag tycker att det går bra med mitt mål. Jag har lärt mig mer och jag tycker att det är kul.

    Jag har bara två stycken för att jag behöver lära mig mer om det. Jag vill inte dela med mig om vad jag har för mål det räker att mina lärare vet.

    Men det går bra, min fröken hjälper mig och säger till men skulle gärna att hon ger mig lite uppgifter.

    Men det går bra och jag har kommit ganska långt med mitt mål och jag är bättre på det.

    Min plan att nå mitt mål är att läsa det jag behöver göra , men det går väldigt bra och det ska vara klart, jag tror att det var den 26 maj. Men jag tror att jag hinner det.

  24. Jag tycker att det går bra med mitt mål än så länge har jag inte blivit påmind om mitt mål men jag övar ändå så det går väldigt bra skulle jag säga jag har mitt mål i att prata i engelska.

  25. fotbollstjejen

    1 februari, 2018 at 07:22

    With my english goal I think its goes quite good. I have speaking and Reading and in speaking I think I already have learned more. In Reading have I not training so much. But soon I will train more. In speaking am I training with my Buddy som much as I can and she is reminds me sometimes. My plan to reach my goal in english is to train so much as I can alone or with my Buddy. Home or in school.


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